Collection Duck Store

Let the duck do the talking!

Someone who can use a little support. A friend who’s been there for you. Or a loved one you miss for so long. What can you say? Just let the duck do the talking! Choose from these mood rubber ducks of our Collection Duck Store. Five lovely gestures, much appreciated. You’ll find them in our stores or online.

Love you

Can’t say it enough. Express your love with this sweet ducky.

Thank you

Grateful for a helping hand. So happy to have a friend like that.

Good luck

Nothing can go wrong with this duck. Break a quack!

Don't forget...

Never leave home without this lovely duck!

Miss you

Far away but still deep in your heart. And always on your mind.

Get well

Hospital or flue? What can you do? Give a comfort ducky!

I Love Pizza

And who doesn’t? Mangiamo!

Where to buy?

Collection Duck Store is a special edition of rubber ducks designed by our stores. Drop by or order online!

Amsterdam Duck Store

Oude Leliestraat 16, Amsterdam

Barcelona Duck Store

Carrer de la Palla 11 & Carrer de la Banys Nous 1, Barcelona

Lisbon Duck Store

Rua da Madalena 54, Santa Maria Maior & Largo Professor António de Sousa de Macedo 6-B, Lisbon

San Sebastián Duck Store

Calle Mayor 21, San Sebastián

Milan Duck Store

Via Torino 77, Milano

Paris Duck Store

Rue Yvonne le Tac 6, Paris

San Marino Duck Store

22 Via Eugippo, San Marino

Rome Duck Store

Benvenuta a Via Dei Coronari 108

Madrid Duck Store

Plaza Mayor 10, Madrid

Venice Duck Store

Sestiere di San Marco, 5425 Venezia

Madeira Duck Store

Rua de Santa Maria 85 Funchal